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Creative solutions for the leisure, tourism and agri-food industries

We design, develop and execute projects seeking excellence and business efficiency.

We act with the flexibility and speed of small organizations.

We are results oriented and work hard to discover the hidden potential of each project and maximize its return.


Our areas
of specialization

We bring more than 35 years of industry experience in the following sectors and specialty areas


Each project is a tailor-made suit that requires the best possible combination of services (consultants, tools, etc.)

Training, mentoring and executive or group coaching

Developing managers, middle managers, and base employee talent. Our training, mentoring and coaching are tailor-made activities, with a clear transformational vocation.

We offer training in our premises “ESMA classroom”, in a digital classroom, or in-company, both theoretical and practical, on even on the job.

Business diagnosis

  • Mystery guest in depth, on a single or on a constinous way.
  • Commercial, operational and economic-financial diagnosis.

Business development and financing

  • Market & feasibility studies.
  • Design of business models and plans.
  • Development of hotel and restaurant concepts.
  • Design of products, services and customer experiences.
  • Marketing, communication and sales plans.
  • Tourism revitalization plans.
  • Tourism awareness plans.
  • Sponsorship management.
  • Support in the management of grants / subsidies / sponsorships.
  • Search for investors & partners.

Design of Infrastructures / Facilities

  • Support the architecture, engineering and interior design teams, in the development of hotel and restaurant projects, both in supply and production areas (back of the house), as well as customer service and attention areas (front of the house).
  • Professional kitchen design.
  • Budgeting and control of investments in CAPEX / OPEX.
  • Private tendering management.

Hotel operations

We believe that people, companies and institutions must organize, simplify, normalize and communicate their process and activities, and only then will they achieve their objectives.

At the same time, we believe that they can do so by leaving green traces and footprints in their journey. For this reason and in the firm belief that there are other ways of managing, we collaborate with all of them in the process of integrating their activities into their own management systems or referenced to standardized systems.

  • Design of procedures as well as operational operating manuals (SOP).
  • Process improvement.
  • Simplification, robotization, digitization and automation.
  • Optimization of purchases / supplies.

Restaurant Operations / Gastronomy / F&B

  • Comprehensive design and implementation of gastronomic offers.
  • Buffet reengineering.
  • Food yielding and professional recipe development for food production.
  • Outsourcing of the F&B Departments and/or the Executive Kitchen headquarters services and duties.
  • Food production technologies and systems.
  • Gastromarketing.
  • Gatronomic consultancy.
  • Gastronomic tourism.

Revenue & Yield Management

For tourism accommodations, restaurants and bar business, and any other service likely to set a price strategy and manage it dynamically.

  • Hotel & restaurant distribution.
  • Benchmark & competitive set analysis.
  • Room rates engineering.
  • Upselling – Crossselling.
  • Menu & price engineering.
  • Sales training.

Digital transformation

Of the organisation processes: information, reservation and advance sale, reception, sale of services, up-selling and cross-selling, supply management, production management, service, loyalty billing, etc.

Hotel and F&B Asset Management

Especially for professional investors of the financial sector, banking, investment funds, property insurance companies, REITS, family offices, etc.

  • Development and construction laws.
  • Changes of use.
  • Asset transaction (purchase-sale and rental) / brockerage.
  • Legal and technical due diligences.
  • Search for operators for rental or management.
  • Search for hotel franchises.
  • Search for hotel reference groups.
  • Rental or management contracts.
  • Hotel asset management.
  • Food and beverage asset management.
  • Budget management process.
  • Management control processes / cost control.
  • Repositioning of existing businesses.
  • Business refloating.
  • OPEX and CAPEX management.
  • Private tendering.
  • Interim management even for assets in transition.
  • Expansion processes, organically or through franchises.
  • Disinvestment processes.
  • Management of off-market assets.
  • Expert reports / conflict mediation.

Project Management Task Force

We act, upon delegation from owners, as opening management, crisis management and asset management teams, allowing our clients to have a highly qualified senior team working towards their objectives, for the period of time strictly necessary to undertake a project and avoiding assuming long term fixed cost in their structure.


We work with entrepreneurs, as well as with all types of companies and institutions, in the research, development, innovation and communication, of all kinds of technological or not solutions, that contribute to the improvement of our industries, our professionals and their clients.


ESMA partners are available to advise the Board of Directors or Management Committee, as consultants and in the face of specific decisions, or becoming part of these as permanent directors.

We offer knowledge, experience, tools and skills to institutions, entrepreneurs and companies for the start-up and development of business models